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A professional LED lighting source in Taiwan since 2007

Our mission : 
Help our customers make money in the LED lighting business.
By our experienced team members, we know quite well the difficulty of LED lighting business.
We have devoted ourselves to providing LED lighting source service for our customers to solve their LED business problems. Right now, we have successfully integrated unique resources to provide high quality and cost attractive products and service.

※ As our partners, you will find high quality products and suppliers immediately. 
※ As our partners, you will get cost advantage to penetrate your market.
※ As our partners, you will get more flexibility in the market. 

We care your benefits and please give us a chance to help you make money in LED business.

3 Stages to start your LED business:

Stage 1. Find good products
We can supply multiple verified good products for you to test your market. We can also find new source of specific products according to your needs.

Stage 2. Bargain a good price
We have successfully integrated unique resources to provide cost attractive products. And if you have a big order, we can assure you that you can bargain about the price and buy products from suppliers directly.


Stage 3. Try OEM /ODM model
We have the ability and multiple supply chain resources to offer you OEM/ODM service with much lower cost.


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